Can a real love doll substitute real a lover? While this is one topic that has continued to elicit a lot of debate and reactions, real love doll to some extent, do play a key role when it comes to sexual pleasure. To give a glimpse of what these types of dolls could do, here 3 characteristics of real love doll.

Life-like sizes

This, probably, is one of the reasons that have seen real love doll becomes very popular among many people. They are many life size love dolls that are available on the market and the best part; you could actually get one that comes in the likes of your favorite star in the industry. Coming in real love doll, they can actually give you all the kind of pleasure, just like you would with your real partner.

Materials used

The kind of materials that have gone into a construction of a doll will largely determine what you are going to pay for it. The cheapest dolls you could find today are made from vinyl; you need to inflate them and they don’t feel as realistic to the touch. If you are not afraid to dig dipper into your pocket, you could actually go for dolls made from latex and silicone. They are of high quality and provide texture that is much similar to human.

Features and other extras

As effort by manufactures to make sure you get everything you would need, sex dolls can be found in a wide range of styles that offer an array of pleasures and interactions. For example, you could decide to buy one that contains certain portions of the human body, or it can be a full scale figure with detailed features. Plus, you could also get a standard blow up doll, or just one with life like skin with small or large breast. The choice is all yours.